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He Saw and Believed

Following John’s own account of discovering an empty tomb. He describes in that moment “He saw and believed”. What did John believe in that moment? As we consider the power of conviction and how it determines our circumstances, we realize that to believe in the Resurrection is a conviction, a belief that transforms every aspect […]

The F Factor

Galatians 5:1-6 Encourages us to accept Gods grace through Christ, who gave us freedom through his sacrifice. Challenging us to love others reflecting his love and being confident that the only way to salvation is through Christ and not through our own performances. Galatians 5:1-6

From Flame to Fire

In this powerful message Taryn speaks about wildfires that are set ablaze for the glory of God. She unpacks Acts 4 to look at what we need to fuel the flame that is within us to grow it from flame to fire.  Acts 4

Life through Jesus’ Eyes

Often we allow our experiences to dictate our understanding of God rather than focusing on the truth. In Mark 6:45-56 we learn not to limit Jesus by our own understanding and to examine the bigger picture. Jesus will cross any barrier to meet with us, we just need to invite him into our boat. Mark […]