Sermons by Thomas Urquhart (Page 2)

Fuelling the Fire

Thomas look at Moses and the Burning bush and 3 changes that happen when we allow God to fuel the fire of his spirit in us: Our “What now?” changes to “What if?”, our “Why me?” changes to “Why not?” and our “I don’t know” changes to “he knows.”

Through the lens of love

1 Corinthians 16:1-14 Thomas challenges us to look through the lens of love at every opportunity in our day to day walks as followers of Jesus . That we are called to considered and intentional giving, we are to do everything in love and we are to recognise and replicate love in action

Joining the Adventure

Genesis 12:1-9 Thomas looks at the call of Abram and our call in the adventure of City Church. That we are Gods chosen people for the job, that we will make mistakes but we carry on, that we continue to place our faith in God and not the plan and finally we leave behind the […]