Sermons by Hannah Shewan

Kingdom Keys

Hannah looks at setting yourself up well for the new year by studying the example of Jesus in Mark 1:35-39. She looks at three ‘kingdom keys’ which are The pursuit of God unlocks His presence, Hearing God unlocks our purpose and Intimacy and Obedience unlocks power in the lives of a believer. Mark 1:35-39

Kingdom Keys

In this short passage sandwiched between healing and deliverance miracles Hannah looks at the significance of withdrawing to a quiet place in a busy world to pursue God and hear his voice in order to see Kingdom power released on in our worlds. Mark 1:35-39  

Keep the Heat

Hannah looks at the letter in the book of revelation to the ‘lukewarm’ church of laodicea. She unpacks the importance of continually being filled with the Holy Spirit and that in order to ‘keep the heat’ we need to ignite the fire, stoke the fire and spread the fire. 7 Churches 9 (Revelation 3:14-22)

What’s your dream?

Hannah looks at the biblical story of Hannah and how one woman’s dream led to the birth of a great prophet of Israel. Her walk was not easy as she had to endure hardship and embrace Gods process. Hannah’s persistence and surrendering of her dream to God led to the fulfilment of His plan and […]