Sermons by Archie McBean (Page 2)

Free Indeed

The giving of the law at Mt. Sinai particularly the 10 commandments marks a significant milestone. in the history of God’s people. In this passage, we are reminded of the contrast between the Israelites lives under Pharaoh and what the could be like under God. The 10 commandments point to the necessity of boundaries to safeguard […]

Here is Our God

In the account leading up to the Red Sea crossing, we see the compassion of God upon his people as the principal motivator in leading them. In the seemingly impossible events that threaten to overtake them,  we see the supremacy of God rising to the fore and transforming disaster into something wonderful. In the light […]

Building blocks of Faith

In chapter 5 we encounter two responses to the voice of God, one response is that of Pharaoh and the other of of Moses protest on behalf of the people. Both men have a opposing world views. IN this talk we attempt to answer Pharaoh’s retort “Who is the Lord that I should obey His […]

From Nothing to Something

At the beginning of chapter 3 we find Moses in a very different set of circumstances from the miraculous rescue into the courts of Pharaoh. Living with regrets and losing ourselves in the routines of life can insulate us from encountering God. When Moses decided to turn aside at Mt. Horeb, he encountered God in […]

A Real Christmas Classic

Zechariah’s Song Luke 1:67-80 In this study of Zechariah’s prophetic song we are given the first glimpse of the gospel, the good news of God’s rescue plan for the world. We are also challenged to follow in the footsteps of John the Baptist and in doing so to take up the same office as a […]

My Rights To No Rights

Paul was one of the most influential, legacy leaving apostles ever gifted to the church. Yet he was the least recognised and appreciated for his service to Christ. 1 Corinthians 9:vv1-18 reminds how important it is to be an encouragement those who minister to us and in the secular field as well, those whom we work with. Furthermore, Paul gives himself as an example of ensuring we have our eyes fixed on Christ even if it cost us everything else.