Sermons by Archie McBean

He Saw and Believed

Following John’s own account of discovering an empty tomb. He describes in that moment “He saw and believed”. What did John believe in that moment? As we consider the power of conviction and how it determines our circumstances, we realize that to believe in the Resurrection is a conviction, a belief that transforms every aspect […]

Jesus, the Enemy, and me

“Following the calming of the storm, we are still struck by the questioning of the disciples, “Who is this man?”, through this passage, we discover that whatever nature the storm takes, whether be external or internal, Jesus has come with the principal objective to save us and in doing so “to destroy all the works of […]

A Compassionate Christ

In these two incidents, we see the compassion of Christ and His mission to to invite and include those who have been excluded by sin and sickness into the Kingdom of God. As the Church of Jesus, we have an ongoing mission to do the very same today. Mark 1:40-2:12

Jesus is the AUTHORity

Following the appointment of Jesus first disciples he launches into his ministry which is marked by a definition of authority the world has never seen. An authority established by truth. An authority that seeks to liberate and not to oppress. An authority that invites a response of thankfulness and a want to serve under. Mark […]

Now is the Time

Following John’s arrest, Jesus is now projected into the limelight, Now is the time for Salvation and Jesus doesn’t hesitate in telling it. IN the study of this passage, we reminded that we live in the now, there is no better day than now to respond to Jesus’ invitation. The Good News of the Kingdom […]

The Form of a Servant

The baptism of Jesus in Mark’s Gospel marks the beginning of Jesus’ determination to rescue the world. By choosing to be baptised, Jesus challenges us to reconsider where are we applying the faith we profess to our lives. He challenges us to ask if we are prepared to identify with the people we are called […]

Christ is Your Life

Following the awesome picture of God in the previous chapter, we are now drawn towards the scroll held in God’s right hand. A scroll that represents God’s final word on everything, it will challenge us to consider the sum of our life and if our treasures are secure in Jesus. 7 Churches 11 (Revelation 5:1-14)

A Tale of Two Hearts

Following David’s victory over Goliath, celebration erupts in Israel and the glory of God is returning in and through David. Like the covenant established between David and Jonathan, we are reminded of the weight and worth of the covenants we find ourselves in most notably our covenant with Jesus. And because we are in Christ […]

The Proof is in the Putting

The account of the resurrection is so familiar to us that we are often in danger of forgetting or missing the amazing reality of the event and its implications. The death and resurrection of Jesus are two sides of the same coin. If we accept that Jesus died on the cross for our sins it necessitates […]