Sermons by Ali Elder

The Author of Authority

As humans, we struggle to come under authority. Jesus here shows us that he has authority over 3 spheres of life: the intellectual, the physical and the spiritual and his authority is completely different to our preconceptions. Mark 1:21-34

Front Page News

Ali kicks off “The King and His Cross” series, working through the book of Mark, and sketches out the headlines of this gospel that we can share with our friends who don’t know Jesus: A King is Coming; Come and See; A Free Gift for All. Mark 1:1-8

The Width of Your Witness

In order for us to play our part in writing a new future for the church in Scotland then we need to raise leaders and reach the lost. Ali talks about how we can widen our witness and through the letter to the church in Pergamum, shows that Jesus gives an encouragement, a warning and […]