Sermons on Mark

Kingdom Keys

In this short passage sandwiched between healing and deliverance miracles Hannah looks at the significance of withdrawing to a quiet place in a busy world to pursue God and hear his voice in order to see Kingdom power released on in our worlds. Mark 1:35-39  

Jesus Got Up

In Mark 1:35-39, Jesus sacrifices sleep to be with the Father, his example shows us why we need to choose to go to God: to be truly refreshed, to allow him to redirect us towards his best and to refocus us on why we’re here. Mark 1:35-39

Jesus is the AUTHORity

Following the appointment of Jesus first disciples he launches into his ministry which is marked by a definition of authority the world has never seen. An authority established by truth. An authority that seeks to liberate and not to oppress. An authority that invites a response of thankfulness and a want to serve under. Mark […]

Where’s Jesus?

In Mark 1:21-34 Jesus’ ministry – full of light and authority – is kicking off. This talk looks at where Jesus is bringing His light and His authority into, and the effect of that in this passage as well as in our own lives. Mark 1:21-34

Jesus, practising what he preached

In this talk, Kirsty explores 3 things that Jesus got involved in straight away at the very beginning of his ministry and examines how it is that we have access to the same authority as Him and so are able to follow his example of ministry.  Jesus showed us these 3 practises straight away; 1. […]