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  • Chuck Freeland
    Lead Pastor
    Chuck is married to Taryn, and together they are the Lead Pastors of City Church. Originally from South-West London, they moved to Aberdeen in 2004, and have been leading City Church since 2008. Chuck's main responsibility is the overall vision and direction of the church across all the sites. He's rubbish at every sport he's ever tried.
  • Taryn Freeland
    Lead Pastor
    Taryn and her husband Chuck are the Lead Pastors of City Church. They have 3 wonderful kids. Taryn's passionate about seeing people find freedom and wholeness in God. She also loves movies, box sets, roast lamb and anything Cath Kidston!
  • James Duce
    Site Pastor - Laurencekirk
    James is married to Victoria and they have two daughters, India and Xanthe. Surrounded by women he battles with pink and hair bobbles on a daily basis. James grew up at altitude in the Himalayas, this may explain a few things – his daughters name for one. From long haired design student, service worker in the oil industry, establishing Street Pastors team and now having the wonderful privilege of serving as Site Pastors to City Church in Laurencekirk.
  • Scott Robertson
    Site Pastor - St Machar
    Scott is married to Sarah and together they lead our St Machar Site. They are proud parents to Evelyn a beautiful wee girl. Scott's passion is to see people meet Jesus no matter where they come from! Scott loves playing 'fifa', five-a-side and subbuteo... there's a theme there I know it... and spending time with his lovely wife and daughter.
  • Ali Elder
    Site Pastor - Stonehaven
    Ali is our Stonehaven Site Pastor and is married to Gill. They live in Stonehaven where they regularly dine out at Auntie Betty's ice cream shop (other confectionery establishments are available). He also likes sports. All sports.
  • Julie Forbes
    Site Pastor - Kingswells
    Julie is SP for our new Kingswells site, is married to Mark and they have two incredibly handsome boys. She is amazingly creative and a gifted musician. A brilliant photographer, she is often spotted with her camera attached to her eye!
  • Libby Granges
    Site Pastor - Gilc Park & Student Pastor
    Libby is married to Chris and together they are the Site Pastors for Gilc Park and they also lead the Ascent Student Ministry. She is also passionate about seeing God's love brought into the sex industry. She loves vintage shops with good bargains, exploring new places, and Monty Python.
  • Tammy Docherty
    Site Pastor - Ellon
    Tammy is married to Brian and they have 2 Children. She is fun, likes to laugh and has lots of energy!
  • Archie McBean
    Site Pastor - Inverurie
    Archie is the site pastor for our Inverurie site and Director of Childrens Work. He's married to the lovely Jude and together the proud parents of 3 wonderful kids (well, they would have to be, being kids pastors and all) When he’s got time he loves to draw, scuba dive and play the banjo.
  • Sarah Robertson
    Director of Training
    Sarah is married to Scott and they have a beautiful daughter Evelyn who is just amazing.
  • Emma Wooldridge
    Small Groups Pastor
    Emma is married to Mike and they have 3 boys. They are both on the leadership team of City and she is our small groups pastor.
  • Jude McBean
    Children's Pastor
    Jude is one of our childrens pastors and Director of Children. She is married to the incredibly talented Archie and has 3 children. Before working for City Church she was a primary school teacher. She and her husband love cooking but love eating even more. She particularly enjoys watching Masterchef.
  • Sarah Chirnside
    Children's Pastor (Multisite)
    Sarah is our Childrens worker and she also studies Primary Education at University. She is often thinking up fun games for the kids and dances for their worship time.
  • Mark Forbes
    Operations Manager
    Mark is married to Julie, together they Pastor our Kingswells site. They have two wonderful boys. He loves playing 6-a-side football and playing Lego with his boys!
  • Adrienne Purdie
    Adrienne is married to Jim and together they have 3 children. Her mind for numbers is incredible and her spread sheets are a work of art. She loves hill walking, her small group and skiing.
  • Pete Turner
    Pete is our amazing Finance Assistant is married to Karen (she's pretty amazing too!) and they have four kids. Pete is well into rowing and owns a Landrover. We're pretty sure he can put up a tent blindfolded.
  • Gill Elder
    Gill is our office Administrator and is married to Ali. They lead the Stonehaven site together. She L O V E S Irn Bru and enjoys climbing things.
  • Dave Hall
    Youth Pastor
    Dave is our youth pastor and one of our worship leaders. When he is not working, Dave loves the cinema, and listening to music. Find out what he's listening to by following him on facebook as he doesn't know how to take off the Spotify notifications! (other web based music streaming sites are available)
  • Hazel Hall
    Admin & PA to Chuck & Taryn
    Hazel is our website & notices administrator and also PA to Chuck & Taryn. She has a background in teaching and a degree in Theology and is fond of many things but few surpass her love of Take That and Gary Barlow. She is married to Dave (Youth Pastor) and is often found borrowing his vast collection of Christmas Jumpers (in June!)
  • Kirsty Broadley
    Stonehaven & Laurencekirk Administrator
    Kirsty is married to Ali and together they go to our Laurencekirk Site. She is our Stonehaven & Laurencekirk Administrator.
  • Abi Thomas
    MAD Administrator
    Abi is the administrator for the MAD Ministry, she is married to Don and they live in Inverurie. She loves to sing and listens to worship music constantly!