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  • Chuck Freeland
    Lead Pastor
    Chuck is married to Taryn, and together they are the Lead Pastors of City Church. Originally from South-West London, they moved to Aberdeen in 2004, and have been leading City Church since 2008. Chuck's main responsibility is the overall vision and direction of the church across all the sites. He's rubbish at every sport he's ever tried.
  • Taryn Freeland
    Lead Pastor
    Taryn and her husband Chuck are the Lead Pastors of City Church. They have 3 wonderful kids. Taryn's passionate about seeing people find freedom and wholeness in God. She also loves movies, box sets, roast lamb and anything Cath Kidston!
  • James Duce
    Site Pastor - Laurencekirk
    James is married to Victoria and they have two daughters, India and Xanthe. Surrounded by women he battles with pink and hair bobbles on a daily basis. James grew up at altitude in the Himalayas, this may explain a few things – his daughters name for one. From long haired design student, service worker in the oil industry, establishing Street Pastors team and now having the wonderful privilege of serving as Site Pastors to City Church in Laurencekirk.
  • Emma Wooldridge
    Small Groups Pastor
    Emma is married to Mike and they have 3 boys. They are both on the leadership team of City and she is our small groups pastor.
  • Mike Wooldridge
    Mike is married to Emma and they have three boys. We all feel sorry for Emma being so outnumbered! Mike and Emma met in Newcastle as students, lived in Belfast for a number of years, moved to Aberdeen in the late 90s and joined City Church. Mike is an engineer in every sense of the word, he loves problem solving and his favourite party game would be “here’s a few sticks, build the Eiffel tower!” Mike and Emma have a heart for couples and for years have headed up all things relational at City Church. Mike loves his family, being part of City Church and loves his cycling! We keep ribbing him about the lycra though!!
  • Caroline Crombie
    Caroline is one of our leaders at City Church as well as managing a charity, Integrate, Community Chaplaincy Scotland. She has a heart for the disadvantaged, the marginalised, the poor and the broken in society and is passionate about seeing restoration, healing and support brought into the lives of individuals she works with.
  • David Chirnside
    David is officially the nicest man in the world, holding this title for the past 27 years. He is married to Susan and has three children. On one Sunday all five Chirnsides were on the same childrens team and pretty much changed the nation.