Dr Susan Wilson
The Tumaini Fund, North West Tanzania

We have known about the work of Dr Susan Wilson and Tumaini for many years and had the pleasure of welcoming Susan to a Sunday service in 2011. We confess we were a bit blown away by hearing Tumaini in more detail.



This charity works in Kagera, the North West province of Tanzania. Geography has meant that this very poor region is in lots of ways cut off from the big Non-Governmental Organisations. The average life expectancy here is 43 years, HIV carriage is thought to be 28% with, perhaps, 1 in 3 Mother’s delivering babies being HIV positive.



There may be 200,000 orphans in this region. However, Tumaini has got stuck in and now sponsors 13,000 AIDs orphans. They provide emergency food supplies, rebuild family homes, support nursery schools, and provide uniform and fees for school.

The word ‘Tumaini’ means ‘hope’ in Swahilli, Dr Wilson and the team work to bring hope to these orphans.


You can watch this BBC documentary on the work of Tumaini by following this link…


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You can also visit their website by clicking here or if you feel you could help financially and sponsor a child then click here to download a child sponsor form.