Table for 6


What better way to build our community than to get together over a meal. We invite you to sign up for Table for 6. Anyone who is a regular, committed member of City Church (have you filled out a Green Card?) is welcome to join – friends, married couples or on your own. We will put you together in dining groups of six and then you can agree a convenient time to meet up. Eat out, in church or in someone’s home – sharing the cooking, or get a takeaway. The choice is yours.

Once everyone has had the meal, we will partner you up with a new group. This just keeps on going until, hopefully, you will have shared a meal with loads of people you didn’t know before.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make new friends and deepen relationships.

We are re-launching Table for 6 so we are back to Round 1 !  This means that you need to sign up again, even if you did it for the previous T-4-6.

Now that we’ve grown, we are going to go site-specific therefore use the sign up buttons below to sign up to Table for 6 in your local area.

Top Tips for Table for 6:

  1. As soon as you get your group allocations sent to you, book a date in your diary STRAIGHT AWAY. Although you have 3 months it’s amazing how quickly diaries fill up!
  2. For some people email may not be the best way to organise a meeting. So we suggest that texting or meeting up after a church service with your diaries.
  3. Remember it is about everyone taking part and bringing something to the table. The responsibility does not solely fall on those hosting. Hosting means the venue, not the food. If you can not host, it is ok to organise a different venue.
  4. As we are heading to “summer”, why not have a picnic or a BBQ and go for a walk on the beach!
  5. Don’t worry if one person can’t meet at the last minute, MEET ANYWAY!
  6. Most importantly… MAKE IT FUN! The meal is not important, it’s the gathering and getting to know each other.