Sri Lanka


There are so many stories of hope, reconciliation and restoration coming out of the ministries we support in Sri Lanka, please click on the links below to find out more.






Calvary Full Gospel Network

Calvary-300x200City Church has been supporting Lesley and Shanti Matthews for a number of years. Leslie helps oversee a group of churches called the “Calvary Full Gospel” network. Started over 25 years ago this indigenous church planting movement based in the north of Sri Lanka has flourished despite the continual upheaval of ward and conflict that the region has seen over the last 20 years.


calvary3-300x200Leslie has planted over thirty church communities and they have seen thousands come to faith, ex Tamil Tigers, Tamils and Singal joining together in gospel, what a great picture of the power of Christ at work. Reconciliation at its best, brother to brother, man to God, All one in Christ. Leslie and shanti are based in the war battered town of Jaffna, leading a chuch of over a thousand and this year are seeking that God would double that number…

174938_10150288944779190_701374189_7557318_3301101_o-300x225Isn’t it great that we too can be partners in a work that is definitely turning their world upside down and right side up, that’s why we love and support them.

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Bethshalom Boys’ Home

BETHSHALOM3-300x265Justin and Rushani are an inspiration to us all. They have been called by God to sow into the next generation in Sri Lanka. Being a war torn country with division and racial tensions Sri Lanka needs to rebuild the broken hearts of this generation. There are hundreds of children that have been orphaned or found themselves deserted by parents; this is where Justin and Rushani come in. They have been running a small, but very effective children’s home for 12 boys, born out of Rushani’s heart to see the forgotten loved. The Bethshaloam center cares for their every need and gives each boy the right kind of attention he needs. It’s amazing to see the remarkable changes in these young lives.


One of the boys used to live on a rubbish dump on the outskirts of Columbo, just like the kids in Slum Dog Millionaire, he now has a chance of an education, good health, and a family that loves him and why? Because “Whatever you did for the least of my brothers, you did for me” – didn’t Jesus say that?




Jesus is at the centre of this home and that’s what makes all the difference, and that’s why it’s wonderful to partner with them. What a great expression of the kingdom of God, demonstrating first hand that Jesus cares for those that often society has forgotten.

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