South Africa


Phil and Rachel Bowyer, Soul Action SA founders are long-standing friends of Chuck and Taryn. Phil previously worked for Tearfund around the same time that Chuck was at Soul Survivor and they frequently spoke at conferences together.  In 2007 Phil and Rachel left their careers, family and home in the UK and arrived in Durban with their son Zac, only to be told by God to, “do nothing.”

Eventually it became clear that God meant “do nothing…new,” which is when they began to visit and record details of existing work with the poor in South Africa. Starting in the municipality of eThekwini – an area covering 2,292 sq km with a population of 3.5 million people – they have met and ‘mapped’ over 150 initiatives addressing poverty.

In the process Phil and Rachel built some meaningful relationships, learnt about the variety of work Christians are involved in throughout the municipality, and were beginning to understand some of the difficulties and frustrations they, and the people they serve, face.

Lots of people they met shared similar thoughts – many said “it feels like I’m all alone, like I’m the only person doing this.” Many were doing similarly remarkable things, but reinventing the wheel every time. There was very little sharing of ideas, resources or best practice. So Soul Action was born.

Soul Action South Africa facilitates opportunities for Christians who are passionate about integral mission to network, train and work together, with the aim of addressing various forms of poverty in a holistic way. They work with individuals, projects and churches to create SPACE to:

i) Build meaningful relationships with people from different backgrounds, but with similar passions and mindsets – which increases unity and help to decrease division amongst the church;
ii) Listen to God, in order to understand how He works better and some of the ways to follow Him;
iii) Think and participate in open and honest conversation;
iv) Learn new ways of being/doing by exploring various next steps towards better practice.

Soul Action provides a safe space for Christians addressing poverty to come together to connect with one another and with God’s mission for their lives, city and country. Phil and Rachel became mission partners of ours in December 2013.


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