Feeding the Hungry

“Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine
out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon”
Isaiah 58 vs 10

We believe feeding the hungry is putting our faith into action and being the hands and feet of Jesus. The Bible clearly challenges us, as Christ’s followers, to take care of those that are disadvantaged and more unfortunate than ourselves. We believe that taking care of people means practical help with food, clothes etc, as well as, emotional and spiritual support.

” Around 3,000 children in Aberdeen live in severe poverty. (9% of
all children in the city) There are 6,500 unemployed people in
Aberdeen. (5.3% of the working age population)”
– Child poverty in Aberdeen, Save the Children 2012

We are passionate about doing what we can in Aberdeen to practically provide food for those we know who are struggling to feed themselves.

Storehouse: Feeding our hungry neighbours


Storehouse is a ministry at City Church which strives to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our local community by feeding those who are hungry. We do this by practically giving out food parcels to those in need on a weekly basis. It is our aim that people feel loved, accepted and valued, no matter who you are, or what you believe, and that their basis needs are met. Members of our congregation donate food to meet this need on a weekly basis.

“Managing money was hard for me. I was going through some difficult issues and when the money runs out, you need to feed yourself.  Storehouse helped me a lot and the food was always given with a smiling face.”

“Storehouse kept me alive.”

“Storehouse helped me when I was homeless”

“The prices of meat now are very expensive, so I used Storehouse for this when I was jobless and living in a hostel”

“I don’t feel ashamed using Storehouse, I’m just happy that people are wiling to help us when we are in need. Keep giving to Storehouse, it’s a great thing”


If you are ever in need please contact us at the Church office or on a Sunday, we would love to give you a helping hand. Please find below items which we collect and you can receive in your food parcel.

If you would love to donate to this ministry, you can give food in at any of our services, or contact the office for other donation options. Please find below a list of suggested food to bring along to the storehouse.


Storehouse food list – click here