Counter Trafficking

Our team at City Church have a heart to see Women who are trapped
in darkness be brought to a place where they may know freedom
through Jesus. Our prayer is that God’s hope, light and love is introduced
into their lives, and that through friendship and practical support they
may find a new lease of life.

Human Trafficking and sexual exploitation is modern day slavery. With human trafficking happening in over 162 countries across the world, it has become the fastest growing and second largest illegal trade in the world, harbouring over 27 million slaves. Human trafficking is the coercion, entrapment and exploitation of human beings, in the forms of forced labour, sexual exploitation, domestic servitude and many more forms.

We know that it doesn’t stop at the borders of the UK or Scotland but know that human trafficking and sexual exploitation happens right on our doorstep in Aberdeen. We do not want to ignore this issue and as a result see vulnerable people in Aberdeen and Scotland become victims of crime. If you want to find out more information on human trafficking please look into the charities and organisations below, a selection from many resources available;

  • The A21 Campain
  • Unseen UK
  • Hope for Justice
  • Serious Organised Crime Agency (UK Government Website)
  • Exodus Cry
  • Hookers for Jesus
  • No More Traffik

If this is an area of ministry that you feel God is calling you to please get in touch with Libby at the office.