Building Community

Central to the vision of City Church is the concept of community. We were
created to be in relationship with each other. It has been our experience that
our neighbours, those we minister to, are crying out for fellowship and community.
There are a number of different ministries that provide opportunities to meet
together, share a meal together, and share life together.

As the modern world pushes forward there seems to be a move away from community. Families and individuals living in their own bubbles: sometimes completely unaware of what is going on in their own neighbours lives. The number of suicides is rising, feeling of isolation rising, lonliness and depression ensuing: with many feeling cut off from the world. It has been said that the loss of community in the western world has resulted in a lower standard of living for many people.

We run two groups;

Womens Drop In : Tuesdays from 12-2pm : Pop along for tea, cake and chat and the space to find help.

Mens Drop In : Thursdays from 10am-12pm : We serve tea & toast (and the occasional bacon sandwich!), play games and hang out.


The Men’s Drop In

A community for men experiencing disadvantage and isolation where practical support, friendship, and spiritual guidance can be accessed within an atmosphere of encouragement and love: as an outworking of our Christian faith.

“A chance to play games, a chance to share food, a chance to talk about feelings.”

“A place where I can come to talk about my problems and receive prayer”


We are passionate about providing a place where men are free to come and go, help themselves to tea and toast, join in on a board game or simply sit quietly reading a paper. There are also opportunities to get help with form filling, online job searches and applying to jobs, access our storehouse and spend some time in our prayer space.

We have a small team of committed volunteers who are on hand and willing to offer a friendly ear and support to our guests.

It is our intention that men accessing this group will be empowered, their confidence and self-esteem increased, and will leave knowing their worth and value as a member of not just our community, but of the wider community.

We are open on a Thursday from 10am – 12noon. In the downstairs hall at Gilcomston Park (access by the blue side door)