Budgeting Help

We are passionate about supporting and empowering individuals to take control of their personal finances and live within their means, making money go further and staying out of debt. Whether working with a high budget or low budget, married or single, family or no family, employed or unemployed our heart is that they would find support in this area.

We anticipate that there will be many more people in need of help in the area of budgeting with the new changes due to the implementation of the Welfare Reform Act 2012. Individuals receiving benefits up until now have been used to their rent being paid straight to their landlords and then receiving money every two weeks. This will soon be changing with the introduction of Universal Credit and individuals will now receive one large monthly sum which will include their rent and they will be responsible to pay their own rent and council tax, as well as budget for food, gas and electric.

For much of the population this is a normal part of life, but for others who have been on benefits long term, they may have never had the opportunity to do this and so as a result will not have developed the skills essential to manage.