Small Group Resources

Please remember that these materials are suggesting a way your evening should run; Prayerfully shape them according to your group’s needs and dynamic.

The list includes online resources, books/guides, DVD materials and evenings from our own small group leaders.  If you have a successful evening why not email me and share your ideas with others.

Online Resources:

The Prayer Course

6 sessions on prayer developed by Pete Greig.  Short DVD and everything you need to lead online at:

God At Work    REVAMPED!

This was originally a 6 session course by Ken Costa from HTB, with a book and participants guide – which took a bit of prep.  However, it has morphed into something more!  Check out

There’s a series of short clips called ‘conversations’ which have notes/discussion starters – everything you need just there – looks great.   Topics include, tackling stress, ambition, and being open about being a Christian.

Lyfe Bible Studies                                     

Create a username and access the lyfe bible studies – 6 sessions under each section – the bible, holy spirit etc.  Great discussion promoters with a biblical basis – look short but very worthwhile.  Check out the articles which appear on the right hand side too.   Easy to prep.

Holy Trinity Brompton Connect Group Resources

A host of small group resources used by their groups.  Available to download at:

Topics include: engaging in our city/life worth living/ good fruits/ 7 deadly sins/ study in 1 John/ Romans/ Ephesians/ Sermon on the mount/ Living a wise Life

Seasons of Giving

Book containing two short courses for small groups looking at generosity, money and giving. Contain lots – pick bits you want to use from each session – takes a bit of prep but good.

Extra bits available online – including video clips.—a-group-resource-from-stewardship-1

40 Acts: Lent series each year from Stewardship


40 IceBreakers


Accountability Questions:

  • Mentoring moment: 20 Accountability questions for the Christian Walk

Books, Guides and Studies:

The Step of Yes

Six sessions for small groups from Open Doors, who serve persecuted Christians.  Each sessions looks at a different country and includes – a pop quiz about the country, an online testimony, a biblical passage and prayer starters.  Great evenings – do all or a pick a country for a stand-alone session.  We’re doing one every 6-8 weeks in our small group, easy for others to lead.


Quiet Time Bible Studies

Some of these are available online through IVP but this book includes studies through the New Testament and psalms.  One page wonders with ‘warm up to the bible’ icebreakers, thought provoking questions and personal application.  These will require little preparation to create a good small group evening.


Life Issues: Money

Four sessions considering that what we do with our money reflects and impacts our relationship with God.


Creative Worship Ideas

Lots of idea for worship in the small group setting from our friends at Christian Fellowship Church Belfast.  It might be online on


Francis Chan:  Basic. Who is God?

Book.  Sessions: Fear God, Follow Jesus, Holy Spirit, Basic Living.

Small Group Toolbox: Hearing from God

This study book will alert you to the variety of ways God speaks to and deals with us, and will provide you with a number of helpful insights and provocative questions to help you develop your spiritual listening – and hearing.  A booklet (48 pages) with four sessions to consider.


Small Group Toolbox: Developing your spiritual gifts

Understand the nature of your spiritual gifts and the reasons why God, in His wisdom, entrusts these special powers to ordinary people.  This resource provides a helpful framework for discovering what the spiritual gifts are, which gifts you have, and how to use them wisely – 4 sessions.


Encounter The Holy Spirit by Jeannie Morgan

Who is the Holy Spirit? How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit? Can anyone speak in tongues? How do I know if I have a prophetic word? The Holy Spirit is unpredictable and exciting. Here are true stories, biblical accounts and simple, practical steps to getting filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit, using and developing His gifts. This ministry is for everyone. The Holy Spirit wants to use you!


A Faith for All Seasons

A small group bible study of life’s changes. Sessions: Life is change, Dealing with the changes of growing up, Change happens when families grow, Change happens when families decrease in size, Changing cities, jobs, churches, Changes in our culture.


Wiersbe:  Be Diligent. 

New Testament study on Mark.    Dense study guide on how you can serve God and others more earnestly.  Will need some shaping but this book will give you a good starting point.


Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster

Short chapters on the spiritual disciplines of meditation, prayer, fasting, study, simplicity, solitude, submission, service, confession, worship, guidance and celebration.  Suggested discussion questions at the end of each chapter.


Bible 101

Six meaty sessions in each.  Info, activities and questions.  Needs shaping, bit long – but lift bits out for a creative and informative evening.

Foundations:  How we got our bible

Times and Places:  Picturing the events of the bible

Cover to Cover: Getting the Bible’s Big Picture

Study Methods: Experiencing the Power of God’s word

Interpretation: Discovering the bible for yourself

Parables and Prophesy: Unlocking the bible’s mysteries

Great Themes: Understanding the Bible’s Core Doctrines


40 Acts Together:  7 weeks series for Lent

Produced by Stewardship

Designed to last 60 minutes these sessions include icebreakers, bible study, activities and an event planner for each of the seven weeks of lent.

Sessions: generous on purpose, generous with actions, generous with possessions, generous with words, generous with our hearts, generous with our faith, generous with forgiveness.



Simple little bible studies looking at simplicity, sacrifice, community, justice, creativity, and generosity.


The Father Love Letter

Compiling verses from the bible to read like a love letter from God – affirming and scriptural.


Article:  The Prayer Filled Life of Jesus

An article form the extra resources in the Lyfe series – this outlines how Jesus prays alone, in community, in times of crisis, and in the temple.


Who am I in Christ?

A list of who the word of God says we are in Christ.


The Foundations of Christian Living by Bob Gordon

Meaty chapters on discipleship: becoming a disciple, foundation of discipleship, understanding the depth of discipleship (the cross), growing as a disciple, fruitfulness, serving and discipling others.


The Foundations of Christian Doctrine by Kevin Connors

Christian doctrine, with chapters on the doctrine of revelation, scriptures, God, Holy Spirit, angels, Satan and demonology, man, sin, Christ, atonement, and eternal states.


Master Builders by Bob Gordon

Great chapters about developing life and leadership in the body of Christ.  Sections on Calling, functioning as a leader, understanding motivation, team ministry, moving into action (seeing vision come to fruition).


From our own small groups:

Meditation on Scripture

One session on meditating on scripture – theory and practical.


Session on fasting: ‘a church that fasts’.

Getting Ready to Cross over

Based in Joshua as the Israelites cross over to the promised land, these are 20 questions from Chuck to make your eyes water!


Being Outward Looking

A couple of pages from OBI Mission and Ministry looking at bible and offering practical help on talking about God and sharing your story.


DVD Resources:                                    


The Prodigal God

Timothy Keller’s small group materials based on his popular book. DVD and guide take you through the view of each of the characters in the well-known story of the prodigal son – takes a bit of prep and helpful if small group members want to read the book too.   Takes proper preparation but worthwhile.


Just 10

This ten session series form J John tackles how the Ten Commandments are relevant today.  Includes leader’s guide and DVD.  It’s been very popular with the groups that have used it.  For more check out


Soul Detox

Five sessions on recognizing and removing the hidden dangers in your life.  By Craig Groeschel – DVD.   Recommended by Thomas Urquhart!


Francis Chan:  Basic Prayer                                                                                         

One session considering prayer.  DVD clip and leaders booklet with discussion suggestions.


Francis Chan: Basic Holy Spirit

DVD and discussion – one session

God gives each of us the gift of the Holy Spirit, our source of supernatural power. But today the church acts neither “super” nor “natural.” How do we join the move of what the Spirit is doing? Maybe once we understand who the Holy Spirit is, the church can stop being so ordinary, and can start being the agents of change in the world that God designed us to be.


Francis Chan: Basic Communion

DVD and discussion starters

‘Why was the first Communion an intimate gathering with Jesus’ twelve disciples, instead of the multitudes following Him? Why did early believers go from home to home for the Lord’s Supper? Because biblical church is about true community; it’s an intimate, full-time commitment with fellow believers to fear, follow, be filled, fellowship, teach, pray, and remember. Together. Because we are church.’


Jesus is

Over ten sessions, Judah Smith presents 10-15 minutes of teaching each session regarding some part of Jesus life or ministry.  Leader’s manual has suggested questions. The participant’s guide isn’t necessary for a small group night, but has daily devotions related to the evening for the coming week.


Life Journeys: A Walk on the Wild Side

This is a new DVD group resource to help you on your life journey, seasoned with Jeff Lucas’s well-known wit and wisdom. Each DVD contains four sessions of Jeff teaching on a theme, to help you discover more about our great God. Each pack includes a personal booklet, containing discussion starters, prayers and daily notes.


A Walk on the Wild Side is based on the life of Jonah. It shows God as passionate for His people, looks at how we can partner with Him in mission, and shows that He can be trusted even when we don’t understand.

Life journeys: Singing in the Rain

When life’s violent storms and nasty surprises hit you, what happens to your faith? Over six DVD sessions Jeff explores the last week in the life of Jesus and how he conducted himself before the crucifixion.


4 DVD sessions talking through small group life for groups to do together.  Chat to Emma if you would like spend time as a group looking at God’s purpose for groups, how to be life changing groups, and other good stuff.


The Jesus Lifestyle 1,2 and 3.

Two DVD’s of Nicky Gumbel looking at different topics.

Series 1:

How to find the secret of happiness

How to change to world around you

How to understand the Old Testament

How to handle anger

How to approach sex in the 21st Century

How to respond to divorce


Series 3:

How to stop worrying and start living

How to make big decisions

How to deal with criticism

How to respond to the most challenging words ever spoken

How to spot false prophets

how to build a secure future


Yorkshire Puddings: Adrian Plass

Engaging 5-10 minutes DVD reflections on life.

Online Resources:

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