Small Groups

The Vision: To be positive places where people are real with each other so that they can grow in their relationships with God, themselves, the church and the world.

Sunday mornings are precious moments, times when we gather together from all over Aberdeen City and Shire after our week “at the coal face”. We come in our hundreds to one place, desperate to worship God, hungry for His Word. It’s so encouraging to see people of all backgrounds, from many different nationalities, from babies to grannies, coming together as one big family.

But… because there are hundreds of people, it’s easy to be almost anonymous. That’s why we encourage everyone who calls City Church their home to find a Small Group to join. These are much smaller gatherings of people who meet mid-week in lots of different locations across the region. But they are all about connection – connecting with God, one another, the church and the wider world.

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