What is mainly music?


mainly music is a fun program for parents/caregivers and preschoolers (ages 0-5) to enjoy music and movement together. mainly music also provides opportunities to nurture the relationship between parent/caregiver and child(ren), to celebrate the important role of being a parent/caregiver, and to develop friendships with other adults in the same life stage. mainly music was founded in 1990 in New Zealand, spread throughout Australia, is now growing world wide and it’s becoming very popular here in the UK and Ireland.  We are very proud to run mainly music here at City Church

At mainly music, we promise to have a nurturing and fun atmosphere for both you and your child. Together we will create a place where you both will thrive and want to invite others to join in the fun!

What mainly music is not…

mainly music is not a program to teach your children a specific instrument or dance. mainly music is not performance based for you or your child. mainly music is not out to make money. Cost of the sessions cover the cost of our license with mainly music, refreshments, and little extras that go in to making our program fun! While we unashamedly sing a few “God Songs” the program is intended to be friendly and respectful to all irrespective of religious belief, or none at all. We sing songs about all kinds of things like ladybugs and big red wagons too!

Is this a one-time event?

No, mainly music at City Church is an on-going experience to help young families grow close and to help build friendships among those who participate regularly. So there will be 4 terms scheduled throughout the school year.

At our Aberdeen group we also run termly ‘family’ events where the whole family can attend.  These run on a Saturday morning from 1030 am and are a huge hit for the dads hence being named ‘manly music’.

As well as this we like to gather the women once a term too for a ‘ladies night’.  We’ve had taste the nation evenings, pamper evenings and cinema evenings in the past.  Great fun had by all.

Find out more…

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