What does a normal Sunday look like?

M.A.D. Primary (Age 4 -Primary 7)


As the children come into M.A.D. they will come in to some singing and dancing. They need to register on the way in. If you are new here, make sure you ask for a welcome pack and ensure you fill out the consent form inside before you leave your child/children with us. This pack should have everything you need to find out a bit more.

The morning is split into three sections. Singing, panto and games and teaching.



We love singing songs about and to Jesus in MAD. These are generally led either by the children or by the adults at the front.  We love to get the kids involved in vibrant action songs so they can experience worshipping God with ALL of their bodies and might.  We also offer the opportunity to worship to slower songs that they would hear with the  church too.


Panto and Games


We then continue with the fun by giving the children a chance to expend a bit more energy whilst engaging with some crazy characters. The panto is a fun way we use to link the games we play.  Each term we have a new theme which we base our panto and games around. These have been things like  Pirates, The Circus, Around the World in 80 Days, The Future, Wild West and many more. There are a couple of main characters who appear each week and take the children on an adventure whilst playing games together too. During this, the children have a chance to gain points. The team leader of the team who loses then has to face a forfeit. This may be anything from having to eat something disgusting, to being gunged, to having water bombs thrown at them. All in good humour!  We believe that once we have had FUN and gotten down to the kids level by playing these games and being silly – THEN we have the right to speak into their lives.


We always have a story from the bible. We endeavour to make the bible story as engaging as the panto by using various forms of teaching from acting it out to getting the kids involved too.

During this time we enter into ‘TUNE IN TIME’  This is the part where we want to share Jesus and God’s word with them.  We emphasise that we don’t take ourselves very seriously in M.A.D but we DO take God very seriously and so during this time we have a few rules.  These stand for WIN, and if the kids pay attention to them they will go home WINNERS having won a sweat at the end of the morning.  Our rules are:

When you need to get up please raise your hand

 Interrupting is not a good idea

Now is the time to TUNE IN

During this time we have a Yellow and Red card system to remind the kids that we want to hear about and from God this morning.  If a child is talking/distracting other kids then they will be shown a yellow card to remind them to sit still and listen.  If they continue however, to be a distraction we will show a red card and this would mean they would have to leave M.A.D for the rest of the session and be brought back through to their parent.  If this happened we would ask the parent to take their child home for the rest of the morning but would be encouraging the child and parent that we are excited to try again next week.  This by no means suggests the child is not welcome in M.A.D, merely a boundary that we have put in place to protect our GOD time.GP B&W

After the children have heard the story, we make sure we apply this to their everyday lives. We use everyday objects or our own stories to illustrate a point. Then we make sure that we give the children the opportunity to respond in their own way.



 M.A.D. Minis (Ages 9 months to 4)

We really believe that children of any age can know and experience God. During our pre-school programme we have lots of fun together. If you are new here, please make sure that you pick up a welcome pack and fill out a consent form. This is particularly helpful for any allergies when it comes to snack time.


Free Play

We start with free play as the children come in so that they are easily distracted as their parents leave them.



The children all sit around one large table (or in a high chair) and have snack together. This is a healthy snack. image_8


Bible Story

Whilst all the children are sitting around the table having a snack, one of the team will read them a story from the bible. Sometimes they might act this out, other times they might use a puppet, and still other times they might use a short DVD. We find that whilst they are sitting eating their snack, this is a good time to keep their attention.



Based on the story, we normally do a craft. This is helpful for you as a parent to know what your child has been doing so that you can have further conversations with them about it at home.


Prayer Time

For the older children in the group, we encourage the children to look at how the bible story applies to them and pray together too.


We have some great age appropriate worship songs that the children have learnt. These have actions that are lead by one of the team. Worship

All our teams are committed members of CITYCHURCH and have all been through the PVG Disclosure Scotland Police Checks. See more about child protection at the side of this page.