M.A.D: Making a Difference



Making A Difference is a weekly, interactive, action packed event that takes all the exciting bits of Saturday morning TV and fuses it with the best parts of Sunday School. Children from 9 months – 12 years old are welcome.

It is split into the following age groups… MAD mini minis – 9 months to 4 year olds;  MAD – Primary 1 – 7* (*Potential is a group run by our Youth Team and is for P7, S1 & S2’s.  It runs at our Stonehaven, Inverurie & Ellon site’s on a fortnightly basis).


That M.A.D would be…

“a team of enthusiastic children and leaders chasing after Jesus whilst He Makes A Difference

in their lives, family life, church life, community life but most importantly Eternity.”

We looked up the definition of the word MAD and here are some of the definitions that we found:-

“like mad – to run like mad” – with great intensity, energy or enthusiasm
mad keen – some men are mad keen on football” – extremely enthusiastic
mad about – he’s mad about food” – very enthusiastic about someone or something

This is the image that we had when we named our children’s ministry M.A.D. (Making A Difference).  We want our children to be enthusiastic about Jesus and about living their lives for him.

We want M.A.D to Make A Difference in children’s lives, family lives, community life, church life but most importantly, ETERNITY!

We want to make sure that we lead children to God so that they can have a relationship WITH Him instead of just knowledge OF Him.  We want to encourage and inspire children to chase after Jesus as they get to know Him as their for ever-friend.

Family-running-border-sharpOne of our team had a picture of the children in our church running ahead of the adults and showing them the way. Let that be our prayer for our children.

We have seen this play out in our church to date in the form of our BRING A FRIEND GAME.  We encourage, coach and remind the kids to invite their friends to M.A.D and they play a game where they will win a sweet or a prize.  One of our Staff members came along to church off the back of this game and so take a moment to watch this families story here…


We are placing a priority this year on praying for our kids, parents and teams and so if you have specific prayer requests then please send them in to us by clicking on this form, we’ll access this info every Friday when we’ll be taking time to pray in our prayer room between 1-2 pm.  You are also free to join us either in person by coming in to the office to pray for our kids, families and teams or by taking time out in your week too.  Let us know of any words and pictures God might give you.

 We have SEVEN different locations for you to choose from…