Leadership Conference

16th – 19th January 2018

Dear friends,

Over the last 5 years, the City Church leadership conference has become a gathering place for dreamers and kingdom schemers, for those who know without question what they’re for, and those in search of a purpose. It’s been amazing what God has done as we’ve made time and space for him to speak.

The theme for our 2018 conference is “stand in the river”. It’s what Joshua was commanded before he crossed over into the promised land:

“When you reach the edge of the Jordan’s waters, go and stand in the river” Joshua 3:8

It’s a command that speaks of preparation, of action, of faith. It’s a command to obedience despite what his eyes see. It’s a command to trust.

It’s one step that leads to promises fulfilled, hopes surpassed and inheritance received.

We’d love you to join us as we explore what it might mean for each of us to become people of the river.

With love,

Chuck and Taryn


Who should come?

  • People currently carrying leadership responsibility within their work or church life
  • Those sensing God’s call to any form of leadership in any area of life
  • Anyone else who would like to come
  • We welcome Christians from all church streams and denominations

Speakers are yet to be announced. Check back here for updates.



You. Will. Love. It.  It’s the exceptional Westerwood Hotel and Golf Resort. First-class facilities, beautiful dining and a passion for brilliant customer service mean that we’ll be very well looked after there.


The conference will run from 8pm on Tuesday 16th until after lunch on Friday 19th January. For many people this will mean booking 3 days annual leave. All meals are included in the booking fee (from Wednesday breakfast onward)

We’ll have main meetings in the mornings and evenings – great times of worship, teaching and ministry. In the afternoons there’ll be seminars on a wide range of subjects. Alternatively you could take advantage of the hotel’s facilities to relax and recharge! There’ll be plenty of opportunity for getting to know people and having fun.



There will be no school-aged kids programmes because the conference takes place during school term-time.

We’re hoping that many of us will be able to arrange for family or friends to look after our children at home, so we can focus on receiving from the Lord. We suggest you book the grandparents now!

There will be a room with a media link available for parents of babies.

We THOROUGHLY (!!!!) recommend coming along in 2018, whether you lead, want to lead or just want a few days away with God!