hope and love for vulnerable children


Kids Club Kampala aims to bring hope and love to vulnerable children and to transform poor communities in Uganda. KCK was ultimately set up to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to children and families living in situations of extreme poverty in and around Kampala. KCK works to empower children and women from disadvantaged communities, bringing sustainable changes through various development projects and supporting their basic needs.



What we do:

Kids Club Kampala currently has 17 project centres, and works with some of the most vulnerable and poor communities in the urban slums and rural villages in and surrounding Kampala, Uganda. We are currently reaching over 4,000 children and their families every week, with a fantastic team of over 70 local volunteers who give up their time and energy to care for the children in their communities.

Kids Club Kampala is making a huge difference to the lives of so many children and individuals in the slums of Uganda. We are passionate about empowering these children and communities, letting them know they are loved and are worth something, and helping them to overcome their situations of poverty. We bring hope, joy and love into these little children’s’ lives through fun and games, football, music, dance and through supporting their basic needs. Alongside this, we feed and clothe the children and help them to get a good education. We teach the children about keeping safe and run sanitation and hygiene programmes. Kids Club Kampala also works with women from the communities to help them increase their incomes and get their families out of poverty. We are also supporting vulnerable girls and helping children who have been abandoned by providing them a safe place to live.

For more information please visit: www.kidsclubkampala.org or contact Corrie Fraser at corrie@kidsclubkampala.org

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Kids Club Kampala is a UK Registered Charity (number 1152451) and a Ugandan Registered Charity (number S5914/8496