New Beginnings Children’s Home

New Beginnings Albania 1

“Aiming to give children a family type atmosphere to grow up in, which their own families are unable to provide.” Following visits to Albania during the communist years and the dictatorship in 1991, Tony and Lis Treasure went to live in Albania and purchased a property in Berat, 80 miles from the capital, Tirana.

In 1994, the first 5 abandoned children were brought from the appalling conditions in the local hospital to the home and cared for by Albanian staff in a Christian environment. Gradually numbers grew to 12 children all with their own stories of poor families, abandonment, etc.

New Beginnings Albania 2

In 2004 the home relocated to Tirana where schooling and job prospects were better. The home is financed from the UK by giving through the charity Kingscare. (

God continues the work of healing and restoration in these children’s lives changing them into the righteous men and women Albania needs. All have a story to tell!



We recently sent our Mezzo youth crew over to Albania, have a look at their testimony video below…