Becoming A Multisite Church (Day Conference)

 In recent years many local churches have begun to meet in multiple locations. There have been all kinds of provocations and causes: building capacity issues; the challenge of being a gathered, regional church; a desire to be more missionally effective.

City Church Aberdeen is one such church. We began our second site in the Autumn of 2011, when we had run out of space. We had tried to buy 3 different bigger buildings over the course of several years, and failed each time. The disappointment was starting to get to us and we were losing momentum.

It took us too long to realise that God was asking us to think differently and to try something new. Over the course of the next few years we began to spread out over our region and we now have 7 sites spread over a 50 mile area. We have continued to grow and people are still finding Jesus.

We are aware that a number of churches across the UK are investigating the possibilities of multisite church and we feel the Lord prompting us to be open-handed about what we’ve learned, both at the “school of hard knocks” and from other churches around the world who are before us, and ahead of us.

Our sense is that whilst most churches of 1000+ are now becoming multisite, many churches significantly smaller than that (as we were) can derive huge benefit from a carefully considered multisite strategy.

So we’re inviting you to come, to spend a day with other church leaders who are on a similar path, to see what God may do.

God bless,

The general plan is to cover as many aspects of multisite church ministry as we can fit into one day, featuring items on staffing, costings, location considerations, youth and children’s ministry, key pros and cons etc. There’ll be plenty of time for Q&A, and we’ll give you a resource pack to take away with anything that might be useful: job descriptions, training manuals, policies and procedures.

We would encourage you to come in teams of 2-4+ so as to make the most of the day.

Lunch will be included in the cost – please email us with any special dietary requirements you may have.

 Aberdeen is served well by rail, road and air. There is a car park right next door to our building, the train station is 10 minutes’ walk away, and the airport has direct flights from London, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds and others.

There are plenty of hotels in Aberdeen, within a short walk or drive from our building. If you would prefer to be accommodated by people from the church, please let us know and we can arrange that for you.

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