Posts from October 2014

Clocks go back!!!!!

Hi everyone, remember that this weekend the clocks go back so we’ll get an EXTRA HOUR IN BED!! See you in church…   10:00 @ Gilc Park 10:30 @ Mackie Academy, Stonehaven; Ellon Academy (Old Annexe), Ellon; Inverurie Academy, Inverurie 11:00 @ St Machar Academy 19:00 @ Gilc Park   #longlieunlessyouhavekids

Building work has started!

It has begun! Work on the new office annexe started this week and the builders are well on with the site clearance and temporary removal of the rear wall. If you are attending Gilc Park 10am or 7pm this Sunday and onwards please remember that the access from the Denburn Car Park is limited and […]

Gilc Park Baptisms!

We had the enormous privilege of baptising two of our congregation this weekend, please see the video testimonies below.  If you like to find out more about Baptism and when the next baptism date at your Site is, please speak to your Site Pastor.

NW Launch

We had so much fun this weekend as we launched a new expression of our church in Inverurie, our North West site.  We were so encouraged as loads of folk came to worship with us, pray, gather around the Bible and chat over great coffee!